Jon Leighton

Hi, I'm Jon

I'm a programmer living in London. I am a member of the Ruby on Rails core team and currently I work as the Technical Director of Loco2. I write lots of open source code. If I'm not programming, I am probably rock climbing.

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Revocable sessions with Devise »

By default, session data in Rails is stored via a cookie in the user’s browser. It’s a nice, simple storage mechanism, but it means that the server has absolutely no “memory” of a given session. This can cause security problems for your application.

Poltergeist 1.0! »

Almost a year ago, on a complete whim, I decided to try to hook up the headless browser PhantomJS with Ruby’s full-stack acceptance testing framework, Capybara.

Explaining Focused Controller »

Controllers in Rails are a problem. Actions sometimes become unmanageably long, and it’s often difficult to know how to test them when you need it most. At Railsberry in May, I presented a new way of writing controllers.